Aiden's 1st Birthday!

We had such a great time celebrating Aiden's 1st birthday. Leading up to his birthday, I won't lie,  I was a bit emotional. The reality that my baby was turning one hit in full force. Through much prayer and the support of my loving husband, when the day came (and the weekend for that matter) there were no tears and all smiles! JJ took off of work for Aiden's actual birthday so we could all celebrate together. We started the day with one of his favorites - pancakes! Aunt Paige even came over before work to have breakfast with him. We spent the majority of the day at the North Carolina State Fair with our neighbors and their son. I'm not so sure the Fair was more for Aiden or mommy and daddy. The adult menu for the day included pulled pork, deep fried mac and cheese, deep fried Oreos, and deep fried girl scout cookies - we didn't leave hungry, that's for sure! Although he missed out on the food, Aiden enjoyed seeing the animals, the people, Smokey the Bear, and watching all the rides.

But that just kicked things off.....Saturday was the big day! Bachi and Gaddi (great-grandparents on mom's side), grandma (great-grandma on dad's side), Bachi D and Pop (Grandparents on mom's side), Ranger and Nana (Grandparents on dad's side) and Aunt Renee and Cousin Elizabeth all came to town for his birthday. Not to mention all his friends (and ours) that came over for the party! Unfortunately, he was a bit under the weather (go figure), but he still had a great day. He had so much fun opening presents and then really (and I mean really) enjoyed eating his cake! We were so blessed to have so many friends and family come together to celebrate our little man - it has been a great year and I am thankful to say the least! It's amazing to think that just a year ago he was this tiny little baby, brand new to this world. He has gone from this immobile, constantly sleeping, bundle of joy to the sweetest of boys that we can't imagine our lives without.  What a gift you have been to our lives, Happy Birthday, My Little Man!