Salisbury Family - Raleigh, NC

We have known Jeff and Jen since, well, before they were Jeff and Jen. We all met years ago when we were part of our church's College and Young Adults group. It has been a lot of fun to watch Jen and Jeff get to know each other, get married and start a family. JJ and I beat Jeff and Jen to the alter by 3 months, but they have been leading the way with kids. They had their first, Johanna, 6 months before we had Aiden and we have been on a 6'ish month trend with them ever since. There has been (or will be) a Salisbury or Wilkins baby every 6 months since Johanna came along. It's definitely not planned and I'm not so sure it's going to continue this way :), but it's been pretty funny to watch it play out. At least it's been nice that Jen and I have been able to share maternity clothes and baby items. We were so excited when Jen's mom contacted us about taking photos of their newest addition, Carolina. We also did an updated family session of their now family of four and were even able to get a few pictures with the grandparents. Carolina is such a beautiful baby and Johanna is already settling into her role as big sister. We did their session a few weeks ago while Jen's parents were in town. Since JJ was at work, Aiden had to go with me, but luckily Hannah has some of the best toys and we had lots of hands on deck. It was a beautiful morning and we had a great time seeing the family interact and getting a lot of beautiful pictures. I look forward to watching these girls, and this family, grow!