Balbo Family - Chapel Hill, NC

I have known Maryann for close to 8 years now. I first met Maryann when I was hired as an intern at NBC 17 here in Raleigh. Back then, to a college intern, she was the intimidating Director of Marketing. Since then, I have come to know and love her, not only as a boss and colleague, but as a friend. Outside of my father and grandfather, there is no other person who has taught me more about hard work and professionalism in the business world. Maryann has a sense for people and personalities. After I graduated from NC State, she hired me full-time as part of her marketing team. At the time, there were 9 of us on that team and to this day, the majority of us still get together as much as we can even though we've all gone our separate ways.

It has been such a pleasure to watch Jon and Maryann grow from a couple into a family of four! I met their son, Mason, when he was just a day old in the hospital and it was so much fun getting to meet Maxine, their newest addition, the day we met for photos. We did their shoot at The Sienna Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC. The Sienna is where Jon proposed to Maryann years ago and now we were back with their family. Check out their pictures and their beautiful family below!