Ashford Kids - Raleigh, NC

It's fitting that this post comes following the USA's World Cup win over Ghana! I have known Lauren since high school. We met and became friends while playing soccer, she was a senior and I was a freshman. We became friends then and have been friends ever since. It has been a blessing to experience many seasons of life together. We both attended NC State, stayed in Raleigh and went to church together for years. I had the honor of standing by Lauren's side as a bridesmaid on her wedding day and I have had the privilege of watching her and Bruce raise three beautiful children since. Teran and I had a great time spending the morning with Riley, Anna Kate, and Kuyper - taking photos of these two adorable sisters and their little brother. It would have been hard to imagine over 10 years ago that I would be photographing Lauren's three kids one day, but I am grateful I was able to do so!