New Partner

Between Teran and I, life has been full, busy, exciting, busy, joy-filled and did I mention busy? As Teran and JJ continue to wait on little man who has officially declared his intentions of being fashionably late, I figured it would be a good time to update you on some other projects we have going on at Fifth of June. One of the most recent steps we have taken has been to join as a partner with the Lightstock Community. What is Lightstock? Well, as stated on their website...

Lightstock is a two-sided marketplace that aggregates, curates, and licenses stock content to the faith-based community.

For over a year, we have built up a stock portfolio with some other stock companies, but we are thrilled for the opportunity to work with Lightstock, as they are a smaller company with core values and beliefs that we align with. We are excited about the contribution they are making to the present day church-community and we are thrilled to be part!

LightStock - New Partner