We Have a House (again)!

We have a house!! We weren't sure we'd ever be able to say that, but God was faithful and we have a house! This weekend we will be moving with the help of family and friends! JJ and I put our house on the market back in February thinking "we'll just see what happens". A few weeks later we were under contract to sell our house and calling Aunt Paige to see if we could move in with her for "a little while". I don't think any of us thought "a little while" would turn into 4 months, but Paige has graciously opened up her home to us and the past few months have been a lot of fun!

We've definitely used every open spot in her place. We've become our own version of Full House! JJ and I have been in the guest room, Paige moved her office into her bedroom, and Aiden...well now that I think about it, I think he got the best end of the deal. He still has his own room and the majority of his toys came with him!

Grant's recent arrival added a new twist to the situation! We ended up moving into the master so we would have room for the bassinet while Paige (and mom who is here helping) have been sharing the guest room. Aiden, as I mentioned, is still living like a king!

The past few months have been a lot of fun and we have memories that will last forever. Plus, getting to see the way Aiden and Aunt Paige have bonded over the past few months has been really neat to watch. Best of all, we've had the chance to use the pool while we lived here! We are excited and grateful for the new home God has provided but we leave taking with us many precious memories of this sweet season of life!