Happy Birthday, Paige! -- Project 52 – Brothers [21:52]

It's Aunt Paige's birthday and today we celebrate her! Well today, and last night, and tomorrow night...I think I'm rubbing off on her in making it more than a birthDAY and more like a birth month! I'm so blessed to call her my sister and for my boys to call her their Aunt. We butted heads quite often growing up, but I am so thankful that we are as close as we are now. She's not only an amazing sister, business-partner, and aunt to my boys, but she is my best friend and an inspiration to me. She's that person I know we can rely on anytime we need something.

The way she loves God, our family, her friends, and my boys is incredible to see. I'm so glad we get to do life together and look forward to all the years to come! Happy Birthday Aunt Paige, we love you!!