Noah :: 6 Months :: Raleigh, NC

There's something extremely special about a first child. They are the ones that walk a couple into parenthood. They introduce them to sleepless nights, a new-level of joy and a kind of love they could never imagine. Firstborns hold a special place in the lives of their parents, there is no doubt. With that - it has always been a joy of mine to document the moments and memories of these newly inaugurated parents and children. To see smiles discovered, happiness over-flowing and to feel a tangible love in the room. Needless to say, all of these elements were present as I had the honor of capturing sweet Noah's 6-month photos. I have known Steven and Emily for a few years now and it was with great excitement I awaited this season to come for them. Parenthood fits them well and this sweet little guy will no doubt be covered and blessed by their love and support for all the years to come.