Where it Began

I remember Meghan calling me. "Listen, I'd like you to photograph my wedding." she said.

Stunned silence.

"What?" I replied. "Meghan, I don't know how to do that, I've never photographed anything."

"Sure you have!" she answered. "You'll be fine. I believe in you. Plus, if you don't do it then no one will. So you'll do it, right?"

So began my photography journey and though I didn't know it at the time, saying yes was the first step that would lead me to this day. It's funny to look back at the pictures now. To remember that day and the weeks leading up to it. I scoured every blog, book and article I could get my hands on up until her wedding day when I pulled out my old Rebel T1i and a rented lens and made the best of the day that I could. I've learned a lot since then but it's fun to look back at those pictures and remember where it all began.