kayla & jonas :: wake forest, nc :: wedding

Back in August, we were honored to capture the moments, details and memories as Kayla and Jonas began their life together as Mr. & Mrs. Jonas Bailey. It was a beautiful August day, mild for a Raleigh summer, and the sun was shining as these two became husband and wife. We started the day at the Salon with Kayla and her girls as they were getting their hair and makeup done. There was no shortage of laughter and smiles as old friends reminisced and new friends and family awaited the day ahead.

We then met Jonas and his guys at the church and got to spend some time with them as Jonas anxiously awaited the moment he would see his bride. Of course, his groomsmen were happy to fill his short wait with jokes and laughter.

It was a beautiful ceremony and you could see and feel the love Kayla and Jonas have for each other and for the Lord.

The reception was hosted at The Sutherland in Wake Forest. A staple in the Raleigh wedding community, The Sutherland did not disappoint. Not only are the grounds beautiful, but the house, pavilion and staff are amazing. Kayla and Jonas welcomed their friends and family to a true southern meal complete with Cheerwine and a night of celebration and dancing!

Thank you Kayla and Jonas for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day. We wish you both all the best in your life ahead - together!


Celebrating 3 Years

CoverIt came as a surprise to even us as we hung out with Jade & Travis this afternoon, capturing their sweet lil' one's very first photos! Today is June 5th which means it is our 3rd anniversary! Travis was actually the one to remind us (thanks Travis!).

Though our journey started long before, June 5th, 2013 was the first official day of our photography venture, Fifth of June! As we remember our first blog post, the story of why Paige decided to pick up a camera for the first time (Thanks Meg!) we are blown away by how far we have come. We look back on what led us to begin this little business and how we came up with the name Fifth of June in the first place and we're humbled and thankful for the provision the Lord has had for us.

We're so blessed to be able to do what we do and we love it. We love our clients, we love the moments we get to capture and the memories we get to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our story, who has supported us along the way! As we always say, it's a privilege, an honor and a blessing to be able to do what we do! So here's to three years running and many more to come!


Paige & Teran

This is Home & A Giveaway!

Erin Stache, a long time friend and the author behind "This is My Life" blog recently reached out to us to see if we would be interested in a little giveaway celebrating the idea of "home".  There are few things we appreciate more than community so we were glad for the opportunity to support Erin and her blog. With our "City Print" lineup, we loved the idea of celebrating "home"! So read a little more about why we call Raleigh home and learn how to enter the giveaway below! 2016-04-26_0012

For over the past 10 years, Raleigh has been home for Teran and I. We would have been hard-pressed to imagine our present situation years ago. As each of us graduated high-school, I'm sure we had our own ideas and dreams of where we would end up and there was little part of either of us that could have guessed that it would be in the same city. Born and raised in Orlando, FL the idyllic childhood we spent there still makes it feel like home at times. From there we moved to what seemed like Orlando's opposite in every way, Franklin, NC. A small-town deep in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. It was there that we learned the blessings of small-town hospitality and community, while growing up in one of the most beautiful areas the east coast has to offer. The next stop for both of us would be Raleigh, NC. A city we were unfamiliar with but one of the largest we could find in this great state of ours.

It's amazing how life and perspectives change as you grow older. Beginning with our time at NC State, a new school year brought along an opportunity for us to live together in this city of ours. Soon I would be dragging Teran up to North Raleigh to join me at the church I was attending, soon to be followed by her yet-to-be fiancee and future husband, JJ. At the time, we were college students driving across town for church with few plans of what was ahead. But that's the cool thing about the future - it's unpredictable. None of us would have imagined that 10 years later we would still be attending that church, living just a few miles from it in adjoining neighborhoods, our houses just a short bike ride away from each other. Teran and JJ would be married in that church and JJ would become a Raleigh Police Officer and Teran & I would be running our own small-business. There would be two precious little boys who would join us along the way to introduce Teran and JJ to the world of parenthood and myself to the blessing of being an Aunt. We would work in jobs right next to each other and eventually we would alternate days doing one job in the same office.

Raleigh has been the place where we have grown as individuals, as a family, and as business owners. Our faith has grown, our community has grown and our hearts have grown attached to this city of ours. We have learned the back roads around this cozy city and have appreciated it for the small-town feel it still offers amid the city's amenities. Here we have found a way to plant our own roots - roots that have been nurtured and strengthened by the people and things that now make this place feel like Home.

So help us celebrate "Home"! If you would like to be entered to win a 12x18 City Print of your choice, be sure to visit our friend Erin over at "This is My Life" and see how you can enter to win!


jade and travis :: family :: Raleigh, NC

We got to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with Jade and Travis on their family property in Raleigh. Jade and Travis recently celebrated their first anniversary and were excited to capture some photos of the season they now find themselves in. Decorating their adorable home, hanging out with their awesome dog, Boone, and enjoying the beautiful property they live on! Travis' was a great sport in all we asked him to do and Jade is beautiful both inside and out so we took advantage of clients that can sit still for more than 2 seconds! With most of our shoots being with our lovely families, it's always a treat when we are not having to sing and dance the whole time to get their attention. Travis only required a song or two (wink, wink)! Travis and Jade, you guys are great! Thanks so much for allowing us to capture these photos for you!

pittman family :: newborn :: knightdale, nc

Y'all can I tell you how much we love this family! We have been so blessed to capture photos for them during two pregnancies and two newborn shoots and they have always been amazing! The Pittman's have two adorable boys, Drake & Zach, and now a sweet baby girl, Capri. After overcoming some dreaded Hand Foot and Mouth that poor Zachary had to push through, we were able to capture some sweet memories of this family and their newborn baby girl! Zachary was amazing, Drake was the sweet big brother he always is and they were both so cute with baby Capri. Everyone says "they grow up fast", but you never really realize it until you watch it before your own eyes. It has been a blessing watching the Pittman family grow and a reminder to us of why getting to capture moments and preserve memories is some of our favorite parts of what we do!

Fall Mini Sessions :: Book Now!

It's that time of year! We are now booking our fall mini-sessions! Whether you need an updated family photo for the coming holidays or some new pictures for around the house, our fall mini-sessions are a great way to capture some family memories and save a little money! For more information or to book a session email us! Mini SessionOpt2Final

Collaboration :: Hand Lettering Co

While traveling with the 12x12 Initiative I was able to connect with Chris and Carly of Hand Lettering Co in San Diego, CA. This awesome couple is doing incredible work that is both beautiful and encouraging! Though my visit with them was short, I am glad to call them friends and truly enjoyed being able to collaborate with them on one of their prints. Hand Lettered

Be sure to visit their website where you can purchase this print or download it for free on their "encourage" page to use as a desktop wallpaper!


New Print Shop!

When Paige was planning and preparing for the 12x12 Initiative, in order to offset some of the expenses she created some prints and canvases featuring Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. They were displayed at Jubala Village Coffee and we were grateful for the positive response and feedback! Since then, we continue to receive inquiries about the pieces so with the launch of our brand new website we have also opened our first ever print shop! Check out our new shop and grab a print our canvas for your walls! To celebrate we are offering a limited time sale on all prints and canvases - get 20% off by using the promo code "welcomeback"!





NC State's Farm Days

Lane and her adorable daughter, Anna Kate, have been hanging out with the boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays every other week while I'm at work. The boys love Ms. Lane and Anna Kate and it was so much fun to get to go with them to NC State's Farm Days event. It was a beautiful day and all the kids loved the animals, tractors and ice cream! 2015-04-18_00012015-04-18_00022015-04-18_00062015-04-18_00042015-04-18_00052015-04-18_0003

The 12x12 Initiative

With Fifth of June, it has always been my honor to to capture photos - photos that tell a story - the story of milestones, families and lives! Because of that, I am so thrilled to announce the 12x12 Initiative. Stories Matter

With the 12x12 Initiative, we believe in bringing attention to worthy work through worthy stories. The 12x12 Initiative is about the POWER OF STORY. Beginning in March of 2015 I  will be traveling with two other videographers, cross-country documenting the stories we encounter through photos, videos, and narratives.  Believing that creative ambitions can lead to social good, our goal is to fulfill our motto: stories matter, through the 12x12 initiative. You can find out more about the 12x12 Initiative at our website. You can also checkout our Kickstarter campaign which allows you to be part of the initiative through generous contributions! This initiative means so much to me and I want to thank you in advance for checking it out!

Sincerely, Paige

Lettering Hang Out and Tutorial

A little over a week ago, Teran, myself, and my friend Emily made a trip over to Wilson to hang out with Heather, whom you may remember from Heather's Letters. If you recall, I had the privilege of working with Heather as she was one of the featured artists at Jubala Coffee here in North Raleigh. After working with Heather for her display at Jubala, we were able to work together again as I helped her redesign her website (www.heathers-letters.com). Out of those things began a friendship that I am so very thankful for! Heather inspires me time and again with her talent and creativity. She is extremely gifted at her art. I am so grateful that Heather graciously welcomed us into her home for an afternoon of coffee, conversation, and a little creativity. She was kind to offer us a brief calligraphy tutorial (let it be noted that Em happened to be the A-student of that session, Teran stuck with crayons (not really but of course that became my joke for the day), and I gave up after two minutes and got my camera out!).

Spending the afternoon with these dear friends was a blessing to me. They have been an encouragement to me in my life, faith, and business. As I grow older, I find myself cherishing the gift of friends and family all the more - and for these three I give thanks. I am excited for the possibility of things in store for the future. Thanks again, Heather, we had a great time!

Designing the New "Heathers-Letters" Website

It's done! For months I have been working alongside Heather of "Heather's Letters" to totally revamp and relaunch her website and business. Heather's goal was to update her website in celebration of her businesses' first anniversary! It was a pleasure working alongside Heather! I am constantly blown away by her creativity and talent. Her hand-lettered and calligraphic piece are gorgeous - my home is quickly filling up with them! From the very beginning we worked side-by-side to take her vision and translate it into a new home for her on the web. We are both very pleased with the final result!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.48.05 AM

From the site redesign itself, to a photo shoot that included product photos as well as candid images of her work, process, home and family - I enjoyed every moment of developing her new site! It's a thrill to watch someone take a step of faith in their business and I look forward to seeing the places Heather goes with both her inspirational heart and talent! She is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met and I am grateful for the friendship we have developed! So go check out her site and don't hesitate to pick up one (or all!) of the printed pieces in her shop! Below you'll find a few photos from our website shoot!

It's Promotion Time!

It's time to celebrate! With  autumn quickly approaching, many holidays on the horizon, and Christmas right around the corner, we are excited to provide a lovely incentive to our clients and soon-to-be clients! We're starting our fall promotion! Starting today if you book a session in the next 2 weeks (the session doesn't have to take place in the next two weeks - you just have to reserve a session in the next 2 weeks). You will get $50 off of the session fee and $50 off the collection of your choice. It's simple - let us know that you would like to book your session and we will reserve a date - immediately saving you $50 off the session fee. After your session when you receive your proofing gallery you will receive another $50 off your collection choice. That's a total of $100 off! Contact us before Tuesday, October 14th to take advantage of these savings. Limited sessions available!

Whether you are in need of an updated family photo, a newborn session, or pictures for this year's Christmas card we are ready to help! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all this Fall.

2013-11-07_00072013-08-05_0024Shearin Family

Hilton Head Island - Stock Shoot

As sisters growing up, we often found ourselves sharing friends. At the time, I wouldn't say we were the best of friends ourselves but we found a way to get along considering we had many friends in common. Ashley and Teran met in middle school and have been friends ever since. Fortunately, as we all grew older, we grew closer. I would go along with Teran when she would meet up with Ashley and soon enough, Ashley's sister, Meg, would join us as well! We love meeting up with Meg and Ashley. They both live on Hilton Head Island so Teran and I are happy to find any excuse we need to get down to see them as much as possible. Beyond being great friends, they are two very happy and eager models for us, which I love! As I continue to shoot some stock photography on the side - these two make that job very easy! As the summer comes to a close, here's a few shots from our last trip down there. Meg even convinced her family to get in on a few! Interested in taking part in one of our stock shoots? Let us know!

Heather's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

A few days ago we shared Katy's senior session, today we get to share Heather's photos from the same session! It was so fun doing Katy and Heather's sessions together! These two made each other laugh the whole time making our job pretty easy! I love that we were able to do Heather's session on her grandfather's property, it added such a personal element to her photos. This girl has such a laid-back and fun personality - it was our pleasure to capture this season of life for her and her family! So without further ado - checkout Heather's senior session below!

Katy's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

We couldn't have had a nicer session then the Friday evening we spent with Katy & Heather. These two friends contacted us about doing their senior sessions and they were excited to do them at the same time. We met up with these two seniors on a beautiful summer evening. We shot on the lovely property of Heather's grandfather and we were in for a treat - between the open field and an old rustic cabin - it was such an ideal setting for these ladies! We'll be sharing Heather's session soon but until then, here is the gorgeous Katy! Congrats Katy on your senior year - hope you enjoy every bit of it!

Logan Jacobs - Oak City Studios - Raleigh, NC

[vimeo width="925" height="525"]http://vimeo.com/102896486[/vimeo] As many of you know, when we decided to open Fifth of June, I was pretty set that we would not be doing weddings. Not because I do not enjoy them, I do. But  I thought it would be best if we focused on families and lifestyle portraits. That being said, when Logan of Oak City Studios approached me about second shooting with him this past summer, I couldn't pass on the opportunity.

I met Logan at a wedding he was shooting and  I was attending. After a brief conversation we exchanged contact information and that was that. After a few emails back and forth Logan reached out to me about some upcoming weddings he would be shooting. Being that it was his first summer in business he was looking for a helping hand. I was glad to jump in and it was a great summer shooting together.

Logan was gracious enough to answer a few questions for the blog and any of you budding videographers out there:

When did you become interested in videography?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved taking pictures and videos.  It wasn’t until I was finishing up with college that my true passions emerged.  Since then, I’ve been practicing and studying as much as possible.

How did Oak City Studios begin? 

In July of 2013, my best friend planned out a proposal to his long time girlfriend. He knew that he wanted pictures of the proposal but I decided to experiment with making a video.  After releasing “The Proposal,” something happened that I never expected.  In less than a day, the video had over 1000 views.  It was then that I decided that I would turn my hobby into a business.

You're coming to the end of your first year of business, what have you learned?

I have learned that running a business isn’t as simple as creating a facebook page and paying fees.  After a full year of very diverse jobs and gigs, the one thing that I have learned above all else, is that making friends is the most important part of my business model.  Without my amazing friends and family, Oak City Studios would not exist and there’s no better place to make friends than when I’m working a gig.

What are your upcoming plans?

After graduating from NC State in May, I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break before entering the engineering field.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to voulenteer with an organization called Surfing the Nations as a service team member.  During my 9 months there, I’ll be serving the organization by helping with their photography/videography needs.  So, on September 8th, I’m moving to Hawaii!

What are your hopes for the future of Oak City Studios?

Once I return from Hawaii, I am hoping to pick up right where I left off with the business.  This summer has been the most amazing experience and getting to work with Fifth of June has been a Godsend. After seeing just how well this summer has gone, who knows what the Lord has in store for our next wedding season! My hope for the future is that I will be able to continue my pursuit of videography and provide clients with more than just a video, but an experience that they remember forever.


I am very excited for Logan and his upcoming time in Hawaii (tough life). If you want to learn more about Surfing the Nations you can check it out here 0r if you would like to support Logan as he goes you can do that here. I am so thrilled to have met Logan and it was a true pleasure working alongside of him this past summer - we are both very excited about what next summer will hold as we will again be teaming up!

If you have a wedding coming up - be sure to reach out to him! While you do that check out some of our work from this past summer - Cam & Sarah's Wedding Video (above) as well as some photos from Greg & Erika's wedding (below)!


Newborn - Grant Alexander

I can remember when Aiden was born, it was a very surreal moment. I had been around plenty of babies, but there was something very unique and special about meeting Aiden for the first time - after growing up with my sister for 26 years - sharing a childhood and many seasons of life together - witnessing the moment she became more than a daughter, wife and sister but now mother was a memory I won't forget. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to do with Aiden - it all being so new, I just knew I loved him. That being said, meeting my second nephew for the first time did not disappoint. Unlike Aiden, I was actually there for Grant's delivery. Watching him as he took his first breath, let out his first cry and met his mom and dad for the very first time. It was a priceless moment and an exciting one at that - it was also a bit more relaxed as I think we all felt a little more experienced this time around! Mr. Grant, just like his brother, has already won over our hearts. Easy enough, considering he favors Aiden so much. The two could be twins. But this one it seems already has his own personality. I may be a bit biased, but as a second child myself, I think this little man is going to take after me!

It has always been a treat for me to take photos of my sweet nephew, Aiden, and now I'm privileged to twice the fun as Grant will be finding himself on the other side of the lens just as much. Welcome to the world, Grant Alexander!