blakely :: senior photos :: raleigh, nc

senior photos :: raleigh, nc

Usually our shoots consist of chasing after toddlers, pacifying crying babies and making fools of ourselves for a laugh. That being the case, we always love when a senior photo session comes our way! It actually takes a few minutes to acclimate to someone actually following our prompts (although Teran still enjoys making a fool of herself!). We had a great time a few weeks ago with Blakely as we strolled around downtown Wake Forest. This girl is beyond photogenic! She has even perfected the serious smile, kudos to you, Blakely! Not only was she crowned Homecoming Queen at NRCA but in the short time we spent with her, I can see why her reputation proceeds her. Her kind and sweet spirit were evident in the time we shared and the love she has for her friends and family is easy to understand! Blakely and her family are members at our church and we have carried them in our thoughts and prayers as her incredible younger brother, Harrison, has been battling childhood cancer. Needless to say, this family has had to carry quite a few burdens throughout Blakely's high school years so it was truly our pleasure and honor to capture Blakely's senior photos! Blakely, we wish you all the best in all that is ahead for you! You are an incredible young-lady and we can not wait to see the plans the Lord has for you!

Celebrating 3 Years

CoverIt came as a surprise to even us as we hung out with Jade & Travis this afternoon, capturing their sweet lil' one's very first photos! Today is June 5th which means it is our 3rd anniversary! Travis was actually the one to remind us (thanks Travis!).

Though our journey started long before, June 5th, 2013 was the first official day of our photography venture, Fifth of June! As we remember our first blog post, the story of why Paige decided to pick up a camera for the first time (Thanks Meg!) we are blown away by how far we have come. We look back on what led us to begin this little business and how we came up with the name Fifth of June in the first place and we're humbled and thankful for the provision the Lord has had for us.

We're so blessed to be able to do what we do and we love it. We love our clients, we love the moments we get to capture and the memories we get to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our story, who has supported us along the way! As we always say, it's a privilege, an honor and a blessing to be able to do what we do! So here's to three years running and many more to come!


Paige & Teran

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jacob :: senior photos :: downtown raleigh

We love shooting in downtown Raleigh so when Jacob told us he wanted his senior photos downtown we were game! Jacob was the first guy we've done senior photos for and we all know how much most guys love taking pictures, so we were a little curious about how the session would go. After a weekend filled with family sessions, full of little ones, it was a nice break to actually have someone who can listen, sit still, and smile on que! Now don't get me wrong, we love our families and kiddos, but it truly was a treat hanging out with Jacob! Congratulations, Jacob, on your upcoming graduation! We wish you all the best!

Katie Davenport - Senior Photos - Raleigh, NC

We had a great time with Katie during her Senior session.  Katie is a beautiful girl both inside and out and the joy she showed through out the session was perfect! The best part about Katie is she was up for anything! We couldn't have asked for a better day and a more energetic, fun, person to work with. To be a high school senior she has an outlook on life that I could have only wished for at that age. I loved getting to know Katie during our time together especially since she's now one of the boys favorite babysitters! Katie, you are awesome and we had a blast hanging out with you! We wish you the best for the rest of your senior year!

Heather's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

A few days ago we shared Katy's senior session, today we get to share Heather's photos from the same session! It was so fun doing Katy and Heather's sessions together! These two made each other laugh the whole time making our job pretty easy! I love that we were able to do Heather's session on her grandfather's property, it added such a personal element to her photos. This girl has such a laid-back and fun personality - it was our pleasure to capture this season of life for her and her family! So without further ado - checkout Heather's senior session below!

Katy's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

We couldn't have had a nicer session then the Friday evening we spent with Katy & Heather. These two friends contacted us about doing their senior sessions and they were excited to do them at the same time. We met up with these two seniors on a beautiful summer evening. We shot on the lovely property of Heather's grandfather and we were in for a treat - between the open field and an old rustic cabin - it was such an ideal setting for these ladies! We'll be sharing Heather's session soon but until then, here is the gorgeous Katy! Congrats Katy on your senior year - hope you enjoy every bit of it!

Senior Photos!

Did you know we do senior photos!? Paige and I remember our senior photos, how can we not, they're still hanging on the wall at our parents house! They were awkwardly done in the school library, by a big company that could care less about how our pictures turned out. We want to make your senior photos a fun and memorable time for you and you can trust that your session will be just that.

We will come to the location of your choice or we can help you choose a location. You can bring different outfits and we will get images of you that capture who you are, your personality, and this special time in your life.

The best part, if you book your session before July 31st, 2014 you will save $50 on your session fee! Contact us today at for more information and to book your session.