John Raschke :: Newborn Photography :: Raleigh, NC

It's always fun to watch our friends move into different seasons of life and that has proven true with Eric & Emily. In March they welcomed John Wallace Raschke to the world! John was a trooper throughout the entire session. Managing to nap semi-peacefully as we moved him all around! Congratulations, Eric & Emily! Excited to watch you and your family grow over the months and years to come!

noah :: raleigh, nc :: 1 year photography

It's been so fun watching this sweet little man grow over the past year. Whether it's his cute smile or adorable scowl, Noah's sure to put a smile on any face he crosses. Just over a month ago, little man turned one and celebrated surrounded by friends and family. I was delighted to capture a few photos of Noah shortly after this milestone birthday!

richie :: family :: raleigh, nc

hot, muggy, steamy, fun, adorable, beautiful...those are all words we could use to describe the Richie's session. Yall I know it's hot in North Carolina especially in July, but this particular evening was one of the worst! Even though it was so hot and my clothes turned into a wet suit, it was such a cute session! The entire family is incredible and even with it so hot they were all so photogenic. Foster (their son) was on the move the entire time, which made it interesting trying to get him to to stay still long enough to get some pictures with him in them, but little sister Kennedy made up for it! That girl, LOVES, I mean...LOVES...the camera! And the camera loves her smile!

We had a great time with the Richie's!




boyce :: family :: wake forest, nc

We always love a family photo shoot, but when the family consists of older children who listen and follow directions we really love a photo shoot! The Boyce family were awesome! They met us on a hot muggy morning, but they were such troopers and after a few snaps warmed right up to the camera! Older brother Caleb was so respectful and little sister Caitlin was sweet as can be. Both started out a bit shy, but by the end you would have thought the camera was their best friend!

And mom and dad...they kept trying to tell us that they hadn't been like that in 20 years, but I tell you what they were so natural together. The way they naturally "posed" and laughed and smiled at each other was so loving.

Thanks for spending your Saturday morning with us Boyce Family!

carlyn :: newborn :: durham, nc

What better way to spend a Saturday morning then with a beautiful newborn, her adoring brother, and loving parents in their beautiful house! That's exactly what Paige and I got to do a few weeks ago. We have known Nick and Amanda for years and have loved watching their family grow. When big brother Camden came along it was so neat to watch them as parents and now that little sister, Carlyn, is here you can see the love between them all! Carlyn's story is pretty amazing. Shortly after Nick and Amanda found out they were pregnant the doctors told her she had lost the baby. I remember being so heart broken for them and praying for comfort for them during this difficult time. They had to go to the doctor again and say their final goodbyes, but as the doctor did one last heart check they found the faintest heart was truly a miracle.

Amanda's pregnancy wasn't the easiest and because of health complications Amanda was induced a few week's early. Through it all I was so encouraged by Amanda's strength and the faith and trust her and Nick lived out!

I'm so thankful for them and their amazing story and we are thrilled to be celebrating another beautiful baby in our group of friends!


dodard family :: raleigh, nc :: maternity

Aiden and Grant love being outside. I mean they LOVE. BEING. OUTSIDE. When our new neighbors moved in this past summer I was excited because they had a little girl who also loves being outside. The best part as "mom" is that I also love being outside especially when that means I now get to hangout with a good friend (i.e. new neighbor "Amy" - Hi Amy!). As most stay at home moms know, finding adult time can be hard, especially with little ones. That's why it's been such a treat to have awesome neighbors that I can get some adult time with even with the little ones because they play together while we get to hang out!

When Amy and Patrick moved here from Florida they let us know that they would be due with their 2nd baby on Christmas Day. As the months went on and Christmas got closer they found out that Charlotte was looking to be a big baby and they would have to induce her early. Realizing that Amy's sister ( who would be coming for Christmas) wouldn't be able to take their maternity photos before Amy's due date, they asked me to do the honor. I was so happy to do it and below you will find some of my favorite images from the shoot!


the cleveland family :: wake forest, nc

Ever since "#thedaytheclevelandsleft" we eagerly await the Cleveland's return when they come to visit! We were so excited when Brad and Meredith said they were coming to town and wanted to do a session while they were here. Their week in Raleigh was a bit crazy with Brad being busy with work and Meredith having to do life with sick babies, but you never would have known it on their photo day. We were supposed to have dinner with them during the week, but plans changed when Amos decided to throw up all over his sister right before dinner #lifewithkids. Thankfully, everyone was feeling better by the time their session came around! Isabell was all smiles, Amos perfected the can't make me smile stare, Meredith was beautiful and Brad....well Brad is Brad! We love you Cleveland Family and can't wait to see you again!

beardsley family :: wake forest, nc

We met with the Beardsley family on a beautiful Saturday morning and got some awesome photos of their family! The Beardsley's are one of the sweetest families we know. They have 5-year old twins, Laila and Ty, and two-year old, Decker. It didn't take long at all for Ty and Laila to get into the session and not soon after Decker was right there with them "cheeeeese'ing" it up! The love this family has for each other was so transparent and it was a lot of fun getting to hang out with them and capture these beautiful memories.


Wofford Family :: family session :: Wake Forest, NC

There is nothing quite like a family session! The rule book goes out the window and you just go with the flow.... or the toddler! The Wofford's have 3 amazing children and to be able to spend the afternoon at their house playing with the kids and capturing moments with their family was awesome. Eli and Katie are great older siblings and you can already tell how much Liza wants to be able to keep up with them. The entire family is so sweet and shooting at their home is one of our favorite locations. For Liza's newborn session we mainly stayed inside, but it was a beautiful Autumn afternoon this time so we played outside and loved it!

jade and travis :: family :: Raleigh, NC

We got to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with Jade and Travis on their family property in Raleigh. Jade and Travis recently celebrated their first anniversary and were excited to capture some photos of the season they now find themselves in. Decorating their adorable home, hanging out with their awesome dog, Boone, and enjoying the beautiful property they live on! Travis' was a great sport in all we asked him to do and Jade is beautiful both inside and out so we took advantage of clients that can sit still for more than 2 seconds! With most of our shoots being with our lovely families, it's always a treat when we are not having to sing and dance the whole time to get their attention. Travis only required a song or two (wink, wink)! Travis and Jade, you guys are great! Thanks so much for allowing us to capture these photos for you!

ashley and tanner :: wedding :: Aiken, SC

My best friend got married!!! Let me say it again...MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED!! Ashley and I have been best friends since the 6th grade when we both moved to NC from Florida. Middle School isn't fun for anyone, but especially when you're new to a very small town and don't know anyone so Ashley and I became fast friends. We have always talked about our husbands, weddings and future lives and to get to be there for her big day was beyond amazing! The best part was I got to just be a part of it as a bridesmaid while Paige was a one man band getting all the pictures! The wedding was in Aiken, SC at the beautiful, historic Willcox Hotel . Even though we were there during the historic South Carolina flooding, the rain held off enough that day for us to get to have the outdoor ceremony she had always dreamed of. The wedding was perfect, she was beautiful, and it was a truly magical evening! Congratulations Tanner and Ashley!


pittman family :: newborn :: knightdale, nc

Y'all can I tell you how much we love this family! We have been so blessed to capture photos for them during two pregnancies and two newborn shoots and they have always been amazing! The Pittman's have two adorable boys, Drake & Zach, and now a sweet baby girl, Capri. After overcoming some dreaded Hand Foot and Mouth that poor Zachary had to push through, we were able to capture some sweet memories of this family and their newborn baby girl! Zachary was amazing, Drake was the sweet big brother he always is and they were both so cute with baby Capri. Everyone says "they grow up fast", but you never really realize it until you watch it before your own eyes. It has been a blessing watching the Pittman family grow and a reminder to us of why getting to capture moments and preserve memories is some of our favorite parts of what we do!

A Day at the Airport

Going to the airport observation deck has become a Wilkin's family favorite! The weather was beautiful on one of daddy's days off so we decided to take advantage of such a lovely day! We grabbed some lunch and headed out to the observation deck. The boys had a great time watching the planes land and take off while we explored the park and ate our picnic lunch!

Fall Mini Sessions :: Book Now!

It's that time of year! We are now booking our fall mini-sessions! Whether you need an updated family photo for the coming holidays or some new pictures for around the house, our fall mini-sessions are a great way to capture some family memories and save a little money! For more information or to book a session email us! Mini SessionOpt2Final

New Print Shop!

When Paige was planning and preparing for the 12x12 Initiative, in order to offset some of the expenses she created some prints and canvases featuring Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. They were displayed at Jubala Village Coffee and we were grateful for the positive response and feedback! Since then, we continue to receive inquiries about the pieces so with the launch of our brand new website we have also opened our first ever print shop! Check out our new shop and grab a print our canvas for your walls! To celebrate we are offering a limited time sale on all prints and canvases - get 20% off by using the promo code "welcomeback"!





NC State's Farm Days

Lane and her adorable daughter, Anna Kate, have been hanging out with the boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays every other week while I'm at work. The boys love Ms. Lane and Anna Kate and it was so much fun to get to go with them to NC State's Farm Days event. It was a beautiful day and all the kids loved the animals, tractors and ice cream! 2015-04-18_00012015-04-18_00022015-04-18_00062015-04-18_00042015-04-18_00052015-04-18_0003

Holden - 1 Year Photos - Raleigh, NC

There is nothing better than getting to do a newborn session and then a year later get to celebrate with the family and their little one with a 1 year old session! It's amazing how much a baby changes in a year. During the newborn session they are so still, and usually sleeping. They comply with everything we ask (for the most part) and wear whatever it is mom and dad want them too. The 1 year old session can be a little different, or a lot different. It can be more of a game of chase and usually whatever cute outfit or accessory mom and dad have picked for the session gets taken off! Holden is such a sweet boy. He was amazing during his newborn shoot (we took advantage of how sweet he was and the Blackburn's gorgeous home) and was even more precious at his 1 year old shoot. Though he's on the move, and moving quite well for a one year old, he had so much fun with the camera. Now that doesn't mean he wanted to sit still, but he was having a lot of fun so of course we took advantage of their gorgeous home (again) and a cute park by the neighborhood lake!

We love the Blackburns and their little boy and can't wait to watch him grow!

Neill Family - Mini Maternity Session - Raleigh, NC

I have had so much fun getting to know the Neill family. We first met them a year or so ago when JJ and I joined the Faith 1 Sunday School class at our church. They have twin girls, Avery and Bekah, who are adorable and Aiden loves playing with on Sundays and Wednesdays! I was so excited when Emily announced she was pregnant to our Sunday School class (I love babies!), and it was icing on the cake when she said she wanted to do a maternity session with her family.

The day we decided on for pictures ended up being sunny, but so cold and windy. The Neill's were troopers though, especially the girls! They were probably a little more snuggly than they would have been if it wasn't so cold and windy, but them cuddled up to mommy and belly made for such sweet photos.

We loved our time with the Neill's and can't wait to meet baby James!

Heather's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

A few days ago we shared Katy's senior session, today we get to share Heather's photos from the same session! It was so fun doing Katy and Heather's sessions together! These two made each other laugh the whole time making our job pretty easy! I love that we were able to do Heather's session on her grandfather's property, it added such a personal element to her photos. This girl has such a laid-back and fun personality - it was our pleasure to capture this season of life for her and her family! So without further ado - checkout Heather's senior session below!

Katy's Senior Session - Raleigh, NC

We couldn't have had a nicer session then the Friday evening we spent with Katy & Heather. These two friends contacted us about doing their senior sessions and they were excited to do them at the same time. We met up with these two seniors on a beautiful summer evening. We shot on the lovely property of Heather's grandfather and we were in for a treat - between the open field and an old rustic cabin - it was such an ideal setting for these ladies! We'll be sharing Heather's session soon but until then, here is the gorgeous Katy! Congrats Katy on your senior year - hope you enjoy every bit of it!