family reunion :: ocean isle, nc

When Chelsea reached out to us and told us that their extended family would all be at the beach for a week celebrating their grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and wanted a family photo there was no doubt we would make it work to get there! 6 hours round trip is nothing for this incredible family. Not only were they one of the easiest sessions we've had...21 people in 30 minutes, that has to be a record! But they are so sweet and generous hosting us for dinner after and welcoming us into their home. Not to mention how perfectly the weather cooperated and gave us a slight cloud cast till we were done then the rain came in. Paige couldn't have put it any better than she posted this on our facebook page....

"What is there to say about this incredible family!? Though I've only been around them a handful of times, the Bergland family holds such a sweet place in my heart! We've had the pleasure of documenting two of their weddings and we couldn't have been more thrilled when they asked us to come take a few photos for them as they enjoyed a family vacation at the beach. It was a quick trip to the coast and back but so very worth it!! Bergland Family, we adore you guys! Thankful our paths crossed a few years ago and hopeful that they will do so again! Thank you for your encouragement, support, & friendship! Also, thank you for being an incredibly photogenic and beautiful family!"


A Weekend in South Georgia

It's been years since we have been to Georgia to visit JJ's grandparents. In fact, the last time we were there was when we went to tell them we were pregnant with Aiden! With life being as busy as it has been the past few years we knew if we didn't just schedule a weekend we wouldn't ever make it! So we scheduled the weekend and the night before we were supposed to leave we were afraid the boys had gotten the stomach bug that had been going around and cancelled. Well needless to say they didn't get it, so thankfully we were able to move some things around and the next week we were on our way to Georgia! It was 7 hours down, a day there, and 7 hours back...but the boys did awesome traveling and enjoyed everyone moment with Granny and Papaw. We're so thankful for the family we have been blessed with and never want to take them for granted! We hope the boys will always know how loved they are and value the family we have!

The boys had the best time playing in their yard, exploring Papaw's work shop and getting spoiled by their great grandparents!

Wilmington, NC :: GoingLocal NC and Wrightsville Beach

I hate to admit it but even though I've lived in Raleigh for almost 13 years I've only been to Wilmington a handful of times and 2 of those times happened in one week this past month! I must say, we LOVED it and will definitely be going more often! This past winter, Paige and I were selling our prints in Going Local NC's Raleigh location through Christmas. Shortly after Christmas they re-located to Wilmington. When they asked if we would continue to sell in their store we weren't sure how we would make it work with inventory and restocking, but I'm so glad we decided to be a part of this new adventure! Wilmington is awesome, Going Local NC is awesome, their location is's all just a bunch of awesome'ness!

Our first trip was on a Tuesday to see the location of the store and get some shots of Wilmington and Wrightsville to create some local content. It was great, the weather was beautiful and we were able to explore downtown, the river walk, and Wrightsville Beach. The boys went with us and they loved it!

When we went back a week later to set up our display and stock inventory the boys and JJ were able to come along. We enjoyed an amazing lunch downtown and once again, some time on the beach!

Check out some photos from our Wilmington trip, some of our Wilmington Prints, and be sure to check out Going Local NC at 208 Front Street next time you're in Wilmington! You can also shop all of our prints on our etsy store found here and in the menu link.


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A Day at the Airport

Going to the airport observation deck has become a Wilkin's family favorite! The weather was beautiful on one of daddy's days off so we decided to take advantage of such a lovely day! We grabbed some lunch and headed out to the observation deck. The boys had a great time watching the planes land and take off while we explored the park and ate our picnic lunch!

The 12x12 Initiative

With Fifth of June, it has always been my honor to to capture photos - photos that tell a story - the story of milestones, families and lives! Because of that, I am so thrilled to announce the 12x12 Initiative. Stories Matter

With the 12x12 Initiative, we believe in bringing attention to worthy work through worthy stories. The 12x12 Initiative is about the POWER OF STORY. Beginning in March of 2015 I  will be traveling with two other videographers, cross-country documenting the stories we encounter through photos, videos, and narratives.  Believing that creative ambitions can lead to social good, our goal is to fulfill our motto: stories matter, through the 12x12 initiative. You can find out more about the 12x12 Initiative at our website. You can also checkout our Kickstarter campaign which allows you to be part of the initiative through generous contributions! This initiative means so much to me and I want to thank you in advance for checking it out!

Sincerely, Paige

Day at the Farm

Before Christmas we finally made the trip to Virginia to visit Grandma and our family there. We've been meaning to go ever since Grant was born, but life got crazy and well 5 months later we finally made it. It was so precious to introduce Grant to his great-grandmother and for Aiden to get to visit again. We only had one night there, but made the most of it seeing and milking the goats, visiting the chickens, and hiking the property down to the creek. Aiden was in his element and loved every minute of being there. Grant, well Grant, loves wherever he goes and was happy to get all the cuddles, love and attention that he did.

We can't wait to go back and visit again!



We went to the December.

This year for Christmas JJ and I decided to give each other a family trip to the Outer Banks. His family has a timeshare on the Outerbanks and their week in December was available. Going during the winter is drastically different then going in the summer. Not only is the weather completely different, but there are only 25,000 people on the OBX compared to 1/2 million visitors a weekend during the Summer. Many of our favorite restaurants and outings were closed, but thank goodness for The Kill Devil Grill and an indoor pool! Both boys ended up getting sick and there was a noreaster off the coast that made going to the beach impossible, but we had a great time resting, swimming, and exploring! We visited the Currituck lighthouse and the wildlife museum and saw Christmas lights at a local house that were like nothing I had ever seen before. It was the best present we could have given each other and the boys. We will never forget it! 2015-01-21_00012015-01-22_0004

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A Family Reunion – Hilton Head Island, SC

2014-07-02_0010 It's been a few weeks now since we got back from Hilton Head Island, SC for a family reunion celebrating our grandparents 65th wedding anniversary! We had a great time bike riding, golfing, and relaxing by the pool and on the beach. Most of all, we were grateful to spend time with our family that we don't get to see as often as we'd like.

As I've said before, HHI is one of my favorite places and when you combine one of your favorite places with family, it always makes for a great week! We had 4 generations under one roof - cooking, eating, laughing, and simply enjoying time together!

Of all things, we were grateful to spend the week celebrating our amazing grandparents! It's rare these days to see marriages last 50+ years, let alone 65! It's been a blessing to watch my grandparents share life together - to be raised within a family that honors and celebrates commitment, love & loyalty. Our grandparents are a true example of what it means to love and laugh together - through the good and bad times. What a legacy they have left for all of us.



A Short Flight - New Hampshire

As I walked around the farm, my camera in hand, I paused every now and then to pull the viewfinder to my eye, framing and capturing the sights before me. A beautiful New Hampshire day, the afternoon sun offered a cozy warmth against the slight breeze. It was then that our gracious host, my mother's cousin, looked at me and said, "If you want to get some good shots, how about I take you up in my plane?" A few minutes later we were heading to the airport, an unexpected adventure added to our day. Despite my mild terror at the idea of small planes, it was one of the many opportunities we had on this trip that I knew would be foolish to turn down. So up we went, one by one, soaring above the rolling countryside. Circling the lookout mountain and coasting over the farmland we stood on just hours previously. All the while guided and piloted by our "tour guide" who exhibited the same genuine hospitality and kindness I have come to know as staple characteristics of my family.

Every now and then, it is well worth it to just say.. "Sure, I'd love to."

Weekend Backpacking Trip


A few weeks ago I enjoyed a weekend trip to the Tennessee/North Carolina border for a 2-day hike with a group of friends from Raleigh. This was my first experience camping along the trail and it was one I won't soon forget. Beyond the fact that the area is beautiful, there is something quite enjoyable about being away from the rush of it all. Without cell service and modern conveniences, time on the trail meant good conversation and time to truly enjoy the people next to you and the beauty around you. So here's a run down of what I took away from this trip: 1. Anyone who hikes the AT, or even a significant portion of it,  has my full respect and admiration.

2. If you enjoy not sleeping, go hiking. (This probably doesn't apply to everyone, oh well.)

3. If you are having trouble being thankful and you have a bed and restroom, well... there's a good starting point.

4. The scenic views of WNC and Tennessee are a natural masterpiece.

5. I am blessed to have friends that are kind, selfless, and a true joy to be around.

So here's a few shots from our weekend. Most are from my iPhone as it was pretty damp for most of our hike and the less weight I could carry in my hands the better off I was. We hiked around Roan Mountain. We began our trip at Carver's Gap and hiked to Overmountain Shelter. If you like uphill climbs, steps, mild exhaustion and being in the woods, be sure to check it out. All joking aside, it was beautiful and we had a great time.

Hilton Head Island - An Instagram Take


Our good friend Ashley has lived on Hilton Head Island for a while now and it has become a favorite getaway for us. This year marked our 2nd annual girl's weekend. Once a year we get together to catch up, relax, and invest in friendships that have persevered over many seasons of life. Over the weekend we enjoyed a boat ride along the coast, some time down at the docks and some beautiful beach sunsets. Here's a few shots all taken with an iPhone5.

Memorial Day Weekend - Blowing Rock, NC


What a beautiful town. Our Memorial Day weekend in Blowing Rock was a nice retreat. We had the pleasure of staying in a lovely cottage off main street, of which, the owners have taken tremendous care in preserving and retelling the history of the home. Our early summer weekend was spent in jackets for the most part as the higher elevation brought even lower temperatures than we expected. Besides exploring the town itself, we also spent an afternoon hiking through Moses Cone Park, enjoying the views and chatting with the cows.