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You know it's going to be a fun session when the first person you're greeted by is a handsome young man named Moses and his dogs. As I open the car door Moses says "Hi, this is my dog, Ruby, she's half great dane." I said I can see that she's huge, but she doesn't really look like a great dane, what's her other half?....his answer "dog." :) We met the Bryant's at their adorable house with the fun front door and had a great time capturing photos of the kids and family as they played, danced, and loved on each other. Sarah wrote us before the session saying:

"I told Scott and the children last night how sweet these pictures will be. Last of Georgia Mae before she’s a teenager in August, probably last of Moses with baby front teeth (he’ll be 8 in October and still has the top front baby teeth), and Emmylou with her wobbly new walk before she’s running (16 months old and only been walking a couple months). These will be treasures to remember this perfectly sweet time in our family’s life. Can’t wait!"

Those are the reasons we love getting to take photos and video for our clients, we love being able to capture these time in their lives that they will always remember!



Any day we get to spend with the Neill family is a good day. Last month Emily asked us to take some more family pictures of them before Avery started Chemo and could possibly start loosing her hair. We wanted to do them in some of Avery's favorite places and where she is most comfortable so of course that included our church's playground and their home! It was a CHILLY March morning, but you know kids, sometimes I swear they can't feel temperature! So they had the best time running around and playing with each other. After about 20 minutes though the 30 degree temperatures and blowing wind set in so we all decided to go back to their house and meet up with both Emily and Andy's parents.

Even there we wanted them to just do some of their favorite things which included reading with the grandparents and playing with their toys.

We love the Neill family dearly and continue to pray for them daily and ask that you all do the same. We are thankful they have allowed us to walk this journey with them in so many ways and are blessed to see how the Lord is with them even in such a difficult time. Please visit their YouCaring Page if you would like to donate to help them with medical costs and other expenses that come with fighting this terrible disease.

matt & katie :: wedding film :: laurinburg, nc

Katie and Matt's wedding day was one of those weddings where you could feel the emotion and excitement throughout the day. Watching Katie's sisters as they prepared her to walk down the aisle to Matt with such care and love was so sweet. You could tell they were preparing her for the day she had been so excitedly waiting for. The guys spent the afternoon getting ready as guys do which entailed a lot of joking around and picking on the groom! But when it came time for Katie and Matt to exchange gifts you could see that the anticipation of the day was becoming real and their reaction opening their gifts was priceless, and was only topped by their faces when they saw each other as Katie walked down the aisle.

Their ceremony was beautiful as the church was filled with loved ones watching the two become one. They had a lot personal touches and special moments.

The reception was fun filled with a live band, all of their close family and friends and a great evening for all! Everyone was so excited celebrating the new Mr and Mrs Gardner and we are so thankful we got to be a part of such a special night!

Check out their video to see for yourself!

dodard :: family :: wake forest, nc

To say we are going to miss this family is an understatement. Patrick and Amy moved in next door to us last May. We quickly realized how awesome they were and became fast friends. Their oldest daughter Ava is right in-between the boys ages so they have enjoyed hours in the culdesac and each other's houses! Since they moved in Amy gave birth to baby Charlotte who the boys love to spoil as well! When Amy told me they were moving she also asked if they could do one last family session to remember their time here in Raleigh. North Carolina's landscape's is a little different than South Florida so we definitely wanted to do something to remember that there are trees other than palm trees and buildings made out of materials other than concrete! :)

When Patrick and Amy told us they were moving back to Florida to be close to family, we completely understood, but we also cried a little tear! Having awesome neighbors makes all difference in the world and we were blessed to have them! Praying for you Dodard's as you make the transition back to Florida. We will miss you and hope you come back to visit soon!


A Weekend in South Georgia

It's been years since we have been to Georgia to visit JJ's grandparents. In fact, the last time we were there was when we went to tell them we were pregnant with Aiden! With life being as busy as it has been the past few years we knew if we didn't just schedule a weekend we wouldn't ever make it! So we scheduled the weekend and the night before we were supposed to leave we were afraid the boys had gotten the stomach bug that had been going around and cancelled. Well needless to say they didn't get it, so thankfully we were able to move some things around and the next week we were on our way to Georgia! It was 7 hours down, a day there, and 7 hours back...but the boys did awesome traveling and enjoyed everyone moment with Granny and Papaw. We're so thankful for the family we have been blessed with and never want to take them for granted! We hope the boys will always know how loved they are and value the family we have!

The boys had the best time playing in their yard, exploring Papaw's work shop and getting spoiled by their great grandparents!

Wilmington, NC :: GoingLocal NC and Wrightsville Beach

I hate to admit it but even though I've lived in Raleigh for almost 13 years I've only been to Wilmington a handful of times and 2 of those times happened in one week this past month! I must say, we LOVED it and will definitely be going more often! This past winter, Paige and I were selling our prints in Going Local NC's Raleigh location through Christmas. Shortly after Christmas they re-located to Wilmington. When they asked if we would continue to sell in their store we weren't sure how we would make it work with inventory and restocking, but I'm so glad we decided to be a part of this new adventure! Wilmington is awesome, Going Local NC is awesome, their location is's all just a bunch of awesome'ness!

Our first trip was on a Tuesday to see the location of the store and get some shots of Wilmington and Wrightsville to create some local content. It was great, the weather was beautiful and we were able to explore downtown, the river walk, and Wrightsville Beach. The boys went with us and they loved it!

When we went back a week later to set up our display and stock inventory the boys and JJ were able to come along. We enjoyed an amazing lunch downtown and once again, some time on the beach!

Check out some photos from our Wilmington trip, some of our Wilmington Prints, and be sure to check out Going Local NC at 208 Front Street next time you're in Wilmington! You can also shop all of our prints on our etsy store found here and in the menu link.


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We went to the December.

This year for Christmas JJ and I decided to give each other a family trip to the Outer Banks. His family has a timeshare on the Outerbanks and their week in December was available. Going during the winter is drastically different then going in the summer. Not only is the weather completely different, but there are only 25,000 people on the OBX compared to 1/2 million visitors a weekend during the Summer. Many of our favorite restaurants and outings were closed, but thank goodness for The Kill Devil Grill and an indoor pool! Both boys ended up getting sick and there was a noreaster off the coast that made going to the beach impossible, but we had a great time resting, swimming, and exploring! We visited the Currituck lighthouse and the wildlife museum and saw Christmas lights at a local house that were like nothing I had ever seen before. It was the best present we could have given each other and the boys. We will never forget it! 2015-01-21_00012015-01-22_0004

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Fifth of June Turns One & Gets a New Look

We want to thank everyone for their support over the past year! It’s been a great year and we have been so blessed to meet some fabulous families and capture some wonderful moments! It's such a blessing to think about this past year.  The places we have been, the fun we have had, and the memories we have made.  Starting a business was a big step, but we are so thankful for our family, friends, and new friends who have been with us every step of the way. It's been an exciting journey and a true pleasure! With the mark of our anniversary we have made some changes! As I'm sure you've noticed we, ok Paige, did a fabulous job giving the website a bit of a face lift - you'll continue to see some new updates and announcements as you visit the site. We've also added some new collections for our returning and future clients, including a digital-only option and a-la-carte items. You will hear more about these items over the next few weeks as we continue to celebrate our first year anniversary!

With these updates and new collections we want to let everyone know that our promotional portfolio building prices will be ending at the end of June. Anyone who books before June 30th, 2014 will be able to use our promotional pricing for their session and collection. E-mail us today at to schedule your session!

We want to thank everyone again for all your support! We look forward to our next steps and sharing the adventure with all of you!


Great-Grandma's biscuits

A few weeks ago, JJ's grandma, Aiden's great-grandma, came to stay with us for a few days. We loved having her here and had so much fun watching her and Aiden interact. Ever since JJ and I visited grandma in Virginia when we were engaged I have wanted her to teach me how to make her biscuits. So one afternoon while Aiden was napping we went to work. Grandma started kneading the flour into the crisco and buttermilk while I wrote everything down in my recipe book (she moves quick, so I was scrambling to get it all). You can tell she has been making these for years because she so easily knew if the texture was right or not, how much it needed to be mixed and when it was ready to go onto the pan and into the oven. It was a blessing to watch her make the same biscuits that her children, her grandchildren and now her great-grandchildren have enjoyed and will enjoy for years to come!