dodard :: family :: wake forest, nc

To say we are going to miss this family is an understatement. Patrick and Amy moved in next door to us last May. We quickly realized how awesome they were and became fast friends. Their oldest daughter Ava is right in-between the boys ages so they have enjoyed hours in the culdesac and each other's houses! Since they moved in Amy gave birth to baby Charlotte who the boys love to spoil as well! When Amy told me they were moving she also asked if they could do one last family session to remember their time here in Raleigh. North Carolina's landscape's is a little different than South Florida so we definitely wanted to do something to remember that there are trees other than palm trees and buildings made out of materials other than concrete! :)

When Patrick and Amy told us they were moving back to Florida to be close to family, we completely understood, but we also cried a little tear! Having awesome neighbors makes all difference in the world and we were blessed to have them! Praying for you Dodard's as you make the transition back to Florida. We will miss you and hope you come back to visit soon!