Great-Grandma's biscuits

A few weeks ago, JJ's grandma, Aiden's great-grandma, came to stay with us for a few days. We loved having her here and had so much fun watching her and Aiden interact. Ever since JJ and I visited grandma in Virginia when we were engaged I have wanted her to teach me how to make her biscuits. So one afternoon while Aiden was napping we went to work. Grandma started kneading the flour into the crisco and buttermilk while I wrote everything down in my recipe book (she moves quick, so I was scrambling to get it all). You can tell she has been making these for years because she so easily knew if the texture was right or not, how much it needed to be mixed and when it was ready to go onto the pan and into the oven. It was a blessing to watch her make the same biscuits that her children, her grandchildren and now her great-grandchildren have enjoyed and will enjoy for years to come!