A Short Flight - New Hampshire

As I walked around the farm, my camera in hand, I paused every now and then to pull the viewfinder to my eye, framing and capturing the sights before me. A beautiful New Hampshire day, the afternoon sun offered a cozy warmth against the slight breeze. It was then that our gracious host, my mother's cousin, looked at me and said, "If you want to get some good shots, how about I take you up in my plane?" A few minutes later we were heading to the airport, an unexpected adventure added to our day. Despite my mild terror at the idea of small planes, it was one of the many opportunities we had on this trip that I knew would be foolish to turn down. So up we went, one by one, soaring above the rolling countryside. Circling the lookout mountain and coasting over the farmland we stood on just hours previously. All the while guided and piloted by our "tour guide" who exhibited the same genuine hospitality and kindness I have come to know as staple characteristics of my family.

Every now and then, it is well worth it to just say.. "Sure, I'd love to."