The 12x12 Initiative

With Fifth of June, it has always been my honor to to capture photos - photos that tell a story - the story of milestones, families and lives! Because of that, I am so thrilled to announce the 12x12 Initiative. Stories Matter

With the 12x12 Initiative, we believe in bringing attention to worthy work through worthy stories. The 12x12 Initiative is about the POWER OF STORY. Beginning in March of 2015 I  will be traveling with two other videographers, cross-country documenting the stories we encounter through photos, videos, and narratives.  Believing that creative ambitions can lead to social good, our goal is to fulfill our motto: stories matter, through the 12x12 initiative. You can find out more about the 12x12 Initiative at our website. You can also checkout our Kickstarter campaign which allows you to be part of the initiative through generous contributions! This initiative means so much to me and I want to thank you in advance for checking it out!

Sincerely, Paige