Holden - 1 Year Photos - Raleigh, NC

There is nothing better than getting to do a newborn session and then a year later get to celebrate with the family and their little one with a 1 year old session! It's amazing how much a baby changes in a year. During the newborn session they are so still, and usually sleeping. They comply with everything we ask (for the most part) and wear whatever it is mom and dad want them too. The 1 year old session can be a little different, or a lot different. It can be more of a game of chase and usually whatever cute outfit or accessory mom and dad have picked for the session gets taken off! Holden is such a sweet boy. He was amazing during his newborn shoot (we took advantage of how sweet he was and the Blackburn's gorgeous home) and was even more precious at his 1 year old shoot. Though he's on the move, and moving quite well for a one year old, he had so much fun with the camera. Now that doesn't mean he wanted to sit still, but he was having a lot of fun so of course we took advantage of their gorgeous home (again) and a cute park by the neighborhood lake!

We love the Blackburns and their little boy and can't wait to watch him grow!