noah :: raleigh, nc :: 1 year photography

It's been so fun watching this sweet little man grow over the past year. Whether it's his cute smile or adorable scowl, Noah's sure to put a smile on any face he crosses. Just over a month ago, little man turned one and celebrated surrounded by friends and family. I was delighted to capture a few photos of Noah shortly after this milestone birthday!

Wofford Family :: family session :: Wake Forest, NC

There is nothing quite like a family session! The rule book goes out the window and you just go with the flow.... or the toddler! The Wofford's have 3 amazing children and to be able to spend the afternoon at their house playing with the kids and capturing moments with their family was awesome. Eli and Katie are great older siblings and you can already tell how much Liza wants to be able to keep up with them. The entire family is so sweet and shooting at their home is one of our favorite locations. For Liza's newborn session we mainly stayed inside, but it was a beautiful Autumn afternoon this time so we played outside and loved it!

Holden - 1 Year Photos - Raleigh, NC

There is nothing better than getting to do a newborn session and then a year later get to celebrate with the family and their little one with a 1 year old session! It's amazing how much a baby changes in a year. During the newborn session they are so still, and usually sleeping. They comply with everything we ask (for the most part) and wear whatever it is mom and dad want them too. The 1 year old session can be a little different, or a lot different. It can be more of a game of chase and usually whatever cute outfit or accessory mom and dad have picked for the session gets taken off! Holden is such a sweet boy. He was amazing during his newborn shoot (we took advantage of how sweet he was and the Blackburn's gorgeous home) and was even more precious at his 1 year old shoot. Though he's on the move, and moving quite well for a one year old, he had so much fun with the camera. Now that doesn't mean he wanted to sit still, but he was having a lot of fun so of course we took advantage of their gorgeous home (again) and a cute park by the neighborhood lake!

We love the Blackburns and their little boy and can't wait to watch him grow!

Emma - Baby Session - Raleigh, NC

When Ashely contacted us about taking one-year photos of her sweet niece, Emma, we were happy to help out! We were even more thrilled that she found us through a referral! We had a great time taking photos of Emma - who was accompanied by her mom, aunt, and grandmother! It was a beautiful, though warm, morning over at the NC Arboretum. Though Emma would prefer to wear as little as possible, we were in love with the lovely dress Aunt Ashley picked out for her! Thanks guys - we had a great time meeting up with you all!

Newborn - Grant Alexander

I can remember when Aiden was born, it was a very surreal moment. I had been around plenty of babies, but there was something very unique and special about meeting Aiden for the first time - after growing up with my sister for 26 years - sharing a childhood and many seasons of life together - witnessing the moment she became more than a daughter, wife and sister but now mother was a memory I won't forget. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to do with Aiden - it all being so new, I just knew I loved him. That being said, meeting my second nephew for the first time did not disappoint. Unlike Aiden, I was actually there for Grant's delivery. Watching him as he took his first breath, let out his first cry and met his mom and dad for the very first time. It was a priceless moment and an exciting one at that - it was also a bit more relaxed as I think we all felt a little more experienced this time around! Mr. Grant, just like his brother, has already won over our hearts. Easy enough, considering he favors Aiden so much. The two could be twins. But this one it seems already has his own personality. I may be a bit biased, but as a second child myself, I think this little man is going to take after me!

It has always been a treat for me to take photos of my sweet nephew, Aiden, and now I'm privileged to twice the fun as Grant will be finding himself on the other side of the lens just as much. Welcome to the world, Grant Alexander!



Wofford Family - Wake Forest, NC

Newborn sessions are always a lot of fun, but when you get to combine that with a fun loving brother and sister and awesome parents it makes for a great session! We had so much fun with Kristen, Jonathan and their three adorable kiddos Eli, Katie, and Liza. Liza was a week and a half old when we did their session and you could just see the love and excitement her brother and sister already had for her. We met the Wofford's at their beautiful home in Wake Forest. Seriously, guys, we love your home! Plenty of natural light and super cute decor - a photographer's happy place! We can't wait to catch up with the Wofford's again a little ways down the road to document the way this family will grow!