Newborn - Grant Alexander

I can remember when Aiden was born, it was a very surreal moment. I had been around plenty of babies, but there was something very unique and special about meeting Aiden for the first time - after growing up with my sister for 26 years - sharing a childhood and many seasons of life together - witnessing the moment she became more than a daughter, wife and sister but now mother was a memory I won't forget. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to do with Aiden - it all being so new, I just knew I loved him. That being said, meeting my second nephew for the first time did not disappoint. Unlike Aiden, I was actually there for Grant's delivery. Watching him as he took his first breath, let out his first cry and met his mom and dad for the very first time. It was a priceless moment and an exciting one at that - it was also a bit more relaxed as I think we all felt a little more experienced this time around! Mr. Grant, just like his brother, has already won over our hearts. Easy enough, considering he favors Aiden so much. The two could be twins. But this one it seems already has his own personality. I may be a bit biased, but as a second child myself, I think this little man is going to take after me!

It has always been a treat for me to take photos of my sweet nephew, Aiden, and now I'm privileged to twice the fun as Grant will be finding himself on the other side of the lens just as much. Welcome to the world, Grant Alexander!