alaina :: newborn :: wake forest, nc

Oh, the Lee Family there aren't enough good things I can say about this family! We have known Nate and Lane for years and have truly enjoyed getting to watch their family grow. In contrast to my all blue, all truck, all ball, all boy house. The Lee house is all things girl: pink, bows, dresses, princesses, dolls and beautiful girls! We have loved getting to document the girls throughout the years and it's no different with their newest baby girl, Alaina! She is the sweetest little baby, and has already adjusted to and loves the chaos that surrounds her! During the session Anna Kate quickly got distracted with my boys in the backyard (of course we had to make a playdate/mommy time out of the session:), but Abby Grace did not want to leave her new baby sisters side and was there helping the entire time! It was so sweet to see the love and excitement she has for her new sister!2018-02-28_00062018-02-28_00052018-02-28_00032018-03-01_0001


John Raschke :: Newborn Photography :: Raleigh, NC

It's always fun to watch our friends move into different seasons of life and that has proven true with Eric & Emily. In March they welcomed John Wallace Raschke to the world! John was a trooper throughout the entire session. Managing to nap semi-peacefully as we moved him all around! Congratulations, Eric & Emily! Excited to watch you and your family grow over the months and years to come!

miller :: newborn photos :: durham, nc

"How cute is she!?" Not sure how many times those words came out of our mouths while shooting sweet Sophie's newborn photos with her proud parents, Matt & Lindsay, but needless to say, it was a lot! I've known Lindsay since my freshman year of college when we became friends while living in Owen Hall at NC State University (Go Pack!). Lindsay is one of the few people I keep up with from college but I am so thankful our friendship has lasted over the years! We were honored and delighted to document this sweet season for her and Matt!

Lingle :: Newborn :: Raleigh, NC

I have known Stacy and Nik for a couple of years now and I am so grateful to call them friends! I met Stacy through our mutual friend Heather of Heather's Letters. Stacy is a nutritionist, helping her clients make wise, manageable and healthy choices - she has helped me get my own nutrition game in gear and almost two years ago we teamed up to design a website for her business launch! Working together on her website we realized that there was much we had in common and from there a friendship was born! Nik is an associate pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Raleigh and I've had the pleasure of working with on a few of their creative projects as well! Stacy and Nik have been an encouragement to me in both life and business and I have been thrilled to enjoy this exciting season with them as they celebrated the pregnancy and birth of their sweet Olivia! These beaming parents and their adorable newborn daughter made this photo shoot a breeze and a pleasure! Congratulations, Stacy & Nik, I'm truly delighted for you! 2016-09-09_0004

carlyn :: newborn :: durham, nc

What better way to spend a Saturday morning then with a beautiful newborn, her adoring brother, and loving parents in their beautiful house! That's exactly what Paige and I got to do a few weeks ago. We have known Nick and Amanda for years and have loved watching their family grow. When big brother Camden came along it was so neat to watch them as parents and now that little sister, Carlyn, is here you can see the love between them all! Carlyn's story is pretty amazing. Shortly after Nick and Amanda found out they were pregnant the doctors told her she had lost the baby. I remember being so heart broken for them and praying for comfort for them during this difficult time. They had to go to the doctor again and say their final goodbyes, but as the doctor did one last heart check they found the faintest heart was truly a miracle.

Amanda's pregnancy wasn't the easiest and because of health complications Amanda was induced a few week's early. Through it all I was so encouraged by Amanda's strength and the faith and trust her and Nick lived out!

I'm so thankful for them and their amazing story and we are thrilled to be celebrating another beautiful baby in our group of friends!


brooks :: newborn photos :: raleigh, nc

What can we say about the Marion family? We've had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful couple multiple times over the past year and now we've had the honor of documenting their sweet baby Brooks' newborn photos! Brooks slept through his entire session as we snapped away at the sweet little bundle and his glowingly proud parents! We couldn't be more thrilled for Jade & Travis, not only have they been loyal clients but far and beyond they have become good friends! There's nothing we love more about photography than being able to bless those in our lives! Congratulations to the Marion Family on their newest arrival!


Celebrating 3 Years

CoverIt came as a surprise to even us as we hung out with Jade & Travis this afternoon, capturing their sweet lil' one's very first photos! Today is June 5th which means it is our 3rd anniversary! Travis was actually the one to remind us (thanks Travis!).

Though our journey started long before, June 5th, 2013 was the first official day of our photography venture, Fifth of June! As we remember our first blog post, the story of why Paige decided to pick up a camera for the first time (Thanks Meg!) we are blown away by how far we have come. We look back on what led us to begin this little business and how we came up with the name Fifth of June in the first place and we're humbled and thankful for the provision the Lord has had for us.

We're so blessed to be able to do what we do and we love it. We love our clients, we love the moments we get to capture and the memories we get to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our story, who has supported us along the way! As we always say, it's a privilege, an honor and a blessing to be able to do what we do! So here's to three years running and many more to come!


Paige & Teran

cobb :: newborn :: knightdale, nc

There is nothing quite like a newborn session. As everyone knows, you never know what you're going to get with a brand new baby. At this age they could care less about getting that perfect picture for their parents and care only about how hungry or tired they are. I have to say, that was not the case with sweet Juliana. Yall, seriously....she did not cry the entire I was amazed. And if that doesn't leave you saying, what??!?!?! She let us change her surroundings, change her outfits, swaddle her, not swaddle her, without a peep. The best part, it's like she knew what was going on. Even at a little over a week old she was following the camera. It was hard to get sleeping pictures of her because she would literally hear the sound of the camera and open her eyes to see what was going on.

And of course her parents Shannon and Jake were amazing too. None of those first time parents jitters, they were completely laid back and handling the new parent thing like champs! It made for an awesome session capturing this little beauty and the sweet family of three they now are!

lee :: family :: wake forest, nc

Lane is a dear, dear friend. We have known her through the years, but when my back was up against a wall and I was trying to find someone to keep the boys so I could take a part-time job that had been offered to me. She willingly came to my house, stayed with my boys, and did all of this for little pay! I will never be able to let her know how thankful I am. Lane had to stop staying with my boys in September, because she was pregnant with their 2nd and needless to say trying to keep up with 3 kids under 3 can be exhausting...especially when you're pregnant!

Ms. Abby wasn't due until January, but back in December I got a text from Lane saying she thought she was in labor. Sure enough at 36 weeks sweet Abby Grace came into this world in her own time. Paige and I were gone for the holidays, but the week we got back we went over to their new (and super adorable) house and had the best time with Abby, big sis Anna Kate and the entire family.

Thank You Lee family for allowing us into your beautiful new home and for allowing us to be a part of this special time of your life.




pittman family :: newborn :: knightdale, nc

Y'all can I tell you how much we love this family! We have been so blessed to capture photos for them during two pregnancies and two newborn shoots and they have always been amazing! The Pittman's have two adorable boys, Drake & Zach, and now a sweet baby girl, Capri. After overcoming some dreaded Hand Foot and Mouth that poor Zachary had to push through, we were able to capture some sweet memories of this family and their newborn baby girl! Zachary was amazing, Drake was the sweet big brother he always is and they were both so cute with baby Capri. Everyone says "they grow up fast", but you never really realize it until you watch it before your own eyes. It has been a blessing watching the Pittman family grow and a reminder to us of why getting to capture moments and preserve memories is some of our favorite parts of what we do!

Newborn - Grant Alexander

I can remember when Aiden was born, it was a very surreal moment. I had been around plenty of babies, but there was something very unique and special about meeting Aiden for the first time - after growing up with my sister for 26 years - sharing a childhood and many seasons of life together - witnessing the moment she became more than a daughter, wife and sister but now mother was a memory I won't forget. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to do with Aiden - it all being so new, I just knew I loved him. That being said, meeting my second nephew for the first time did not disappoint. Unlike Aiden, I was actually there for Grant's delivery. Watching him as he took his first breath, let out his first cry and met his mom and dad for the very first time. It was a priceless moment and an exciting one at that - it was also a bit more relaxed as I think we all felt a little more experienced this time around! Mr. Grant, just like his brother, has already won over our hearts. Easy enough, considering he favors Aiden so much. The two could be twins. But this one it seems already has his own personality. I may be a bit biased, but as a second child myself, I think this little man is going to take after me!

It has always been a treat for me to take photos of my sweet nephew, Aiden, and now I'm privileged to twice the fun as Grant will be finding himself on the other side of the lens just as much. Welcome to the world, Grant Alexander!



Project 52 - Brothers [1:52]

When I first started in photography I choose to do a 365-project. It's pretty simple, one photo everyday, totaling in 365 photos for the year. It was a strategic way of challenging myself to pick up my camera each day, to think outside of the box and imagine what ordinary life could look like through the other side of a lens. I think I made it about half way. Life got busy and my project was pushed to the back burner. But there's aspects of it I have missed. Shooting for shooting sake is probably what I miss the most. So I've decided to start a new project. At times, my ambition gets a bit ahead of me so I've decided to pace myself this time. Instead of a 365-project, I'm going for what from this point forward will be referred to as Project 52. Again, simple, a photo a week - and to keep me on track and focused - the theme will be "brothers". Once a week for the next year I will take a photo of my sweet nephews together. Not such a difficult task for this adoring Aunt. I look forward to what the next year holds, even more so, I hope to have 52 photos to look back on in a year from now that will have documented these two boys as they grow. I could stare at this first photo for hours. I cannot express the way my heart melts to watch Aiden, who mind you is ALL boy (destruction and noise are his hobbies) interact so gently and sweetly with his baby brother. This big brother is in love, and my friends, it is precious.


The First Days

Needless to say, we've had our hands full around here! We are looking forward to sharing some of our recent shoots very soon! With Grant being born in early July and our moving day soon after, it feels like the last few weeks have been a blur! That being said, we have been beyond blessed in how smooth everything went with Grant's arrival and the moving process - thank you to all of our friends and family who chipped in! Here's a few shots from Mr. Grant's first few days! -Teran


Wofford Family - Wake Forest, NC

Newborn sessions are always a lot of fun, but when you get to combine that with a fun loving brother and sister and awesome parents it makes for a great session! We had so much fun with Kristen, Jonathan and their three adorable kiddos Eli, Katie, and Liza. Liza was a week and a half old when we did their session and you could just see the love and excitement her brother and sister already had for her. We met the Wofford's at their beautiful home in Wake Forest. Seriously, guys, we love your home! Plenty of natural light and super cute decor - a photographer's happy place! We can't wait to catch up with the Wofford's again a little ways down the road to document the way this family will grow!

Looking Back at Year One

As we near the end of June we reflect on our first year of business and what an exciting time it was! We are beyond grateful for those who came along with us for the ride and allowed us the honor of taking their photos. It's always fun to take a walk down memory lane so here's just a few shots from our first year. Can't wait to see some of these faces again in the future!

Blackburn Family - Raleigh, NC

JJ and I met Sally and Hunter last year when we joined the Faith 1 Sunday School class at our church. Like us, they are a young couple (yes, 30'ish is still young), newly weds (I still say that after 5 years of marriage), and starting to grow their family! Hunter, like JJ, is also in law-enforcement so they had an instant bond. We have loved getting to know this couple and we were so excited for them when we found out that they were expecting their first child. I was even more thrilled when I found out they were having a boy. The possibility of a new playmate for Aiden and little brother (we're still working on a name) is always exciting. Shortly before Holden was due Sally asked if Paige and I would take newborn photos for them. Of course, we were happy to do so! We had such a fun morning with them in their lovely home. They are a fun, loving, and beautiful family and we are thankful for the time we could spend with them!

Pittman Newborn - Knightdale, NC

We have known the Pittman's since before baby #2 was born and it's been so much fun watching their family of three, grow to a family of four. We loved taking the Pittman's maternity pictures back in November with their oldest son, Drake. We have known Mrs. Pittman (Jason's mother) for years from church so we were excited to meet Jason, Nina and Drake for that session. We had such a great time with them, so when Nina contacted us saying they wanted newborn pictures of Zachary we were thrilled! Zachary was supposed to be a January baby, but he surprised everybody and ended up being the best Christmas gift they have ever received! Paige and I were out of town for Christmas, but when we got back we got together with them as soon as we could and we're able to capture some great photos of Zachary, Drake and the family. It was so precious seeing them as a family of four and we look forward to watching their family grow over the coming years.

Pilkington Family - Newborn - Wake Forest, NC

I've known Cassidy and Taylor for years. Throughout college we found ourselves in the same small group on multiple occasions. Taylor and I enjoyed conversations about two of our great loves, soccer and theology. As for Cassidy, I always took notice of her humility. A girl who has much going for her - you will not find a hint of arrogance in her kind and graceful spirit.  I would often joke with Cassidy about the renaissance man she found in Taylor - the guy is intelligent, athletic, musical and an amazing artist. They are two kind and pure hearted people - and let's all just be honest - a good looking couple! It was a pleasure taking some photos of their new family back in the fall.