Project 52 - Brothers [1:52]

When I first started in photography I choose to do a 365-project. It's pretty simple, one photo everyday, totaling in 365 photos for the year. It was a strategic way of challenging myself to pick up my camera each day, to think outside of the box and imagine what ordinary life could look like through the other side of a lens. I think I made it about half way. Life got busy and my project was pushed to the back burner. But there's aspects of it I have missed. Shooting for shooting sake is probably what I miss the most. So I've decided to start a new project. At times, my ambition gets a bit ahead of me so I've decided to pace myself this time. Instead of a 365-project, I'm going for what from this point forward will be referred to as Project 52. Again, simple, a photo a week - and to keep me on track and focused - the theme will be "brothers". Once a week for the next year I will take a photo of my sweet nephews together. Not such a difficult task for this adoring Aunt. I look forward to what the next year holds, even more so, I hope to have 52 photos to look back on in a year from now that will have documented these two boys as they grow. I could stare at this first photo for hours. I cannot express the way my heart melts to watch Aiden, who mind you is ALL boy (destruction and noise are his hobbies) interact so gently and sweetly with his baby brother. This big brother is in love, and my friends, it is precious.