Lettering Hang Out and Tutorial

A little over a week ago, Teran, myself, and my friend Emily made a trip over to Wilson to hang out with Heather, whom you may remember from Heather's Letters. If you recall, I had the privilege of working with Heather as she was one of the featured artists at Jubala Coffee here in North Raleigh. After working with Heather for her display at Jubala, we were able to work together again as I helped her redesign her website (www.heathers-letters.com). Out of those things began a friendship that I am so very thankful for! Heather inspires me time and again with her talent and creativity. She is extremely gifted at her art. I am so grateful that Heather graciously welcomed us into her home for an afternoon of coffee, conversation, and a little creativity. She was kind to offer us a brief calligraphy tutorial (let it be noted that Em happened to be the A-student of that session, Teran stuck with crayons (not really but of course that became my joke for the day), and I gave up after two minutes and got my camera out!).

Spending the afternoon with these dear friends was a blessing to me. They have been an encouragement to me in my life, faith, and business. As I grow older, I find myself cherishing the gift of friends and family all the more - and for these three I give thanks. I am excited for the possibility of things in store for the future. Thanks again, Heather, we had a great time!