Logan Jacobs - Oak City Studios - Raleigh, NC

[vimeo width="925" height="525"]http://vimeo.com/102896486[/vimeo] As many of you know, when we decided to open Fifth of June, I was pretty set that we would not be doing weddings. Not because I do not enjoy them, I do. But  I thought it would be best if we focused on families and lifestyle portraits. That being said, when Logan of Oak City Studios approached me about second shooting with him this past summer, I couldn't pass on the opportunity.

I met Logan at a wedding he was shooting and  I was attending. After a brief conversation we exchanged contact information and that was that. After a few emails back and forth Logan reached out to me about some upcoming weddings he would be shooting. Being that it was his first summer in business he was looking for a helping hand. I was glad to jump in and it was a great summer shooting together.

Logan was gracious enough to answer a few questions for the blog and any of you budding videographers out there:

When did you become interested in videography?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved taking pictures and videos.  It wasn’t until I was finishing up with college that my true passions emerged.  Since then, I’ve been practicing and studying as much as possible.

How did Oak City Studios begin? 

In July of 2013, my best friend planned out a proposal to his long time girlfriend. He knew that he wanted pictures of the proposal but I decided to experiment with making a video.  After releasing “The Proposal,” something happened that I never expected.  In less than a day, the video had over 1000 views.  It was then that I decided that I would turn my hobby into a business.

You're coming to the end of your first year of business, what have you learned?

I have learned that running a business isn’t as simple as creating a facebook page and paying fees.  After a full year of very diverse jobs and gigs, the one thing that I have learned above all else, is that making friends is the most important part of my business model.  Without my amazing friends and family, Oak City Studios would not exist and there’s no better place to make friends than when I’m working a gig.

What are your upcoming plans?

After graduating from NC State in May, I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break before entering the engineering field.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to voulenteer with an organization called Surfing the Nations as a service team member.  During my 9 months there, I’ll be serving the organization by helping with their photography/videography needs.  So, on September 8th, I’m moving to Hawaii!

What are your hopes for the future of Oak City Studios?

Once I return from Hawaii, I am hoping to pick up right where I left off with the business.  This summer has been the most amazing experience and getting to work with Fifth of June has been a Godsend. After seeing just how well this summer has gone, who knows what the Lord has in store for our next wedding season! My hope for the future is that I will be able to continue my pursuit of videography and provide clients with more than just a video, but an experience that they remember forever.


I am very excited for Logan and his upcoming time in Hawaii (tough life). If you want to learn more about Surfing the Nations you can check it out here 0r if you would like to support Logan as he goes you can do that here. I am so thrilled to have met Logan and it was a true pleasure working alongside of him this past summer - we are both very excited about what next summer will hold as we will again be teaming up!

If you have a wedding coming up - be sure to reach out to him! While you do that check out some of our work from this past summer - Cam & Sarah's Wedding Video (above) as well as some photos from Greg & Erika's wedding (below)!