Hilton Head Island - Stock Shoot

As sisters growing up, we often found ourselves sharing friends. At the time, I wouldn't say we were the best of friends ourselves but we found a way to get along considering we had many friends in common. Ashley and Teran met in middle school and have been friends ever since. Fortunately, as we all grew older, we grew closer. I would go along with Teran when she would meet up with Ashley and soon enough, Ashley's sister, Meg, would join us as well! We love meeting up with Meg and Ashley. They both live on Hilton Head Island so Teran and I are happy to find any excuse we need to get down to see them as much as possible. Beyond being great friends, they are two very happy and eager models for us, which I love! As I continue to shoot some stock photography on the side - these two make that job very easy! As the summer comes to a close, here's a few shots from our last trip down there. Meg even convinced her family to get in on a few! Interested in taking part in one of our stock shoots? Let us know!